Friday, 16 August 2013

The World Of Kiera Hudson!

With the recent publication in the last couple of weeks of 'Dead Push' the 7th Kiera Hudson book in series 2, I have now written nearly 900,000 words about Kiera and the world she inhabits. I receive many emails from fans of the series who have noticed little crossovers from Kiera's world and that of worlds mentioned in some of my other series - notably the 'Doorways Trilogy', the two 'Black Hill Farm' books and the Sydney Hart Novels.

If I'm to be honest with the fans, I am writing about more than one world and there are connections between them. There are Doorways between the worlds in my books. Some of the characters pass through these different layers using doorways, trains, holes and wells in the ground and others simple just disappear.

When planning 'Dead Push' I knew I had to start looking back at the series and start pulling together some of the strands as there are only two books left in this current Kiera Hudson Series (Dead Lost and Dead End). It was then that I realised what an intricate web I had created. There are vast and searching connections between many of the characters and the different worlds. My wife suggested that one day I should sit down and write a plan of family tree of sorts about how each and every character is connected. But as I first said, some of these characters from Kiera Hudson's world are connected to characters and events in some of my other series. It wouldn't be just a simple case of making a family tree or map. It would need some kind of book to pull of these threads together.

A book like this would illustrate to all of the fans the many connections and would go someway in answering many of theirs and your questions. It would be a huge and time consuming task but I should imagine great fun. To be honest, I wouldn't have the time to sit back and write such a book and point out all these hooks and hints that I have made throughout the different series of books. Some have been spotted by the hard-core fans and others have been missed. I don't put anything in my books, however small unless it has some meaning or relevance later on in the different series of books.

There is only one other person who probably knows the Kiera Hudson world and the many connections to my other books better than me and that is my wife Lynda. So, knowing that I don't have the time to write such a book myself, Lynda has decided to take on the task. The book will be called 'The World of Kiera Hudson' and will published after 'Dead End' which will be the last book in the current series.

If there are any questions that you might have on any of the characters, how they connect, their relationships, then ask below and Lynda will make sure they are covered in the book. If you have any other burning questions about how the different series all link together then just ask, and we'll make sure it is exposed in the book 'The World of Kiera Hudson'. Carles Barrios is designing the cover and hopefully I will be able to post it soon!


  1. When will dead end be released

  2. Ive purchased the full series of Kiera Hudson, but when is DEAD END going to be released, your site say's December 2013? I have a Kobo and always have to wait longer and pay more than Amazon site any idea why this is? EXCELLENT SERIES